16, 32, or 48 channels?

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16, 32, or 48 channels?

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How can I use Amadeus as an audio player for 8, 16, 32, or 48 channels?
Yes, I have all of these channels accessible in hardware over USB.
The latest version, Amadeus 2.53 as of this writing, under Mojave:
What I see in Amadeus Pro is confusing, and conflictory. In some places I can select Mono vs. Stero, or Front vs. Back, or channels 1...6 implying 5.1 channel capability. What about 7.1 for rear surround speaker configuration? Or simply "Octagonal" as under OS X's Audio Midi Setup app?

In Amadeus Pro, when I make a new document, check the output settings, Sound, Advanced, I can select only Mono or Stereo.
Under Sound Info, I can select somehow between channels 1- 6 (as if for 5.1 sound).
I have two USB sound cards plugged in, each with 8 channels (and four more of these in reserve but not hooked up at the moment). Both are fully visible and provisioned under Audio Midi Setup app. I've confirmed audio is going to the correct channels via the speaker setup for 7.1 and for Octagonal configurations on each of the interfaces.

I've also got available from prior projects a couple of older 8-channel interfaces, the Focusrite Saffire LiquidMix 56. These work over firewire, and also with newer Macs via Apple's Thunderbolt to Firewire dongle (and also with USB-C to Thunderbolt to Firewire chain of dongles... The Horror!)

In any case, I need to play 48 channels out to six of these 8 channel interfaces. Each track in the file needs to load and play to its channel. How can I do this in Amadeus Pro?


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