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Dither question

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Hi, i've had a look in the manual and on this forum and can't find the answer to my question...

I have a bunch of 24 bit audio files which I am doing some processing with and then converting to 16 bit at the end. I'm using a 3rd Party plugin (an Audio Unit) to do some Mastering / Limiting,at the end of my processing chain, and as part of this I am applying some dither.

The way Amadeus handles this, it seems the plugin's render is done in-situ to the 24 bit file, so (I assume) we now have 16 bit dithered audio in a 24 bit float file.

My question is, if I now do a File > Save As and select 16 bit as the desired bit depth, does Amadeus automatically add dither again, in effect causing me to add dither twice?

I guess what I'm trying to work out is whether there is any point in adding dither with a 3rd party plugin during the Mastering / Limiting part of my audio processing, or if I should just leave everything in 24 bit and let Amadeus add dither when it saves, if indeed it does....

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