filters don\'t work?

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Sarah Alawami

filters don\'t work?

Post by Sarah Alawami »

Hello to all I was trying to batch convert and tried to filter out *.wav files. I tried .(n.wav and *.wav and .wav but nothing worked. It came back with no valid file selected. I tried choosing original location and a different one but still no joy. Did this brake in the current amadeus? Same results with *.flac files, yet I can find them whenI filter on the finder itself using .wav and .flac etc.

Thanks all.=

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Martin Hairer
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filters don't work

Post by Martin Hairer »

Hi, the regular expression filtering out wav files would be


(or, if you're being pedantic, .*\.wav$ so that the file example.wav.aif
doesn't get counted as wave) see for example



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