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[REQ] ReplayGain support, one way or another...

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:31 pm    Post subject: [REQ] ReplayGain support, one way or another... Reply with quote


I recently bought iVolume that adjusts the "sound check" value of iTunes files using an algorithm called "replay gain". This way the volume (loudness) gets judged like it appears to the human ear and you hardly ever need to correct it manually during any playlist. It is great and it really really works... much better than iTunes built-in function that hardly works at all.

Having said that, now I want to apply this "human ear normalization" to burned audio CDs as well, and this is where the trouble starts.

There is an easy way doing it by just using iTunes to burn the CD - it has an option to apply the volume correction "on the fly". However, iTunes does *not* support variable pauses between tracks - so whenever you want to burn a CD with some tracks divided by 2 sec. pauses, mixed with some gapless other tracks (like live songs), you can't use iTunes for that.

The obvious alternative would be Toast. You can easily define any pause length that you want for each track, and even do on-the-fly crossfades, etc. However, *sadly* Toast does not read the "replay gain" tag value.

So what you need to do would be this: Run iVolume over the tracks, load the tracks into Toast, and then *read* the dB values listed by iVolume on the monitor and apply them one-by-one as gain change in Toast...

And that is *not* very convenient... Shocked

So... this is my request: is there any chance that AmadeusPro would introduce some kind of "replay gain" support in future? There would be two possibilities, a perfect one, and a good one...

Perfect Solution

AmadeusPro could add "replay gain" as a third option to the "Normalize" menu. To my best of knowledge, the algorithm should be available to developers.

Compared to RMS it is significantly better, so it would be a great new feature.

This way one could use batch processing to create a set of temporary "adjusted" files that can be used for burning audio CDs with Toast, etc.

Good Solution

Alternatively, would there be a chance to read/apply the "change gain" tag value upon opening files (as an option)?

The value is written into the "iTunNORM" tag that is specified/documented on the internet. There could be a choice to either open files "as they are" or to apply the dB change value.

This way one could use iVolume (or any other tool that writes/sets the replay gain tag) to adjust the files and then just "batch open and save" the whole lot with AmadeusPro.

Any kind of help/support with this would be much appreciated.
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