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UI suggestions and feature requests

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Lou Kash

Joined: 16 Jul 2008
Posts: 87

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:36 pm    Post subject: UI suggestions and feature requests Reply with quote

After working with Amadeus Pro for a couple of months quite extensively, while also still working with TC Spark (an "oldie"), here are a couple of suggestions and requests regarding the user interface. Nothing fancy, just relatively simple stuff that would make sense to me.

  1. A keyboard shortcut for Vertical Zoom. The slider is now too buried (despite custom keyboard shortcut for the Settings slide-out window) and this is a function I actually need every time when I edit a file. Cmd-opt-minus and cmd-opt-plus would be fine. Also a corresponding scroll wheel/trackpad modifier, e.g. cmd-opt-drag.

  2. A keyboard modifier for a Track Zoom tool , like opt-click-drag to match the already present zoom shortcut for the Whole Sound, plus please add a corresponding loupe cursor for both.

  3. I'm not sure if I'm very happy about the "double-click-to-play" shortcut. In many apps a double-click usually means "select". Comparing e.g. to TC Spark: double-click to select a portion between two markers (or the whole sound if there aren't any), triple-click to select the whole sound, cmd-click to play from the click point.

  4. In fact, a preference section for customizing "hidden" keyboard shortcuts would be great, for those not available via NSUserKeyEquivalents. It can be hard to memorize all of these, when you've been used to a completely different set from other apps. (I work regularly with Logic Express and I am in the process of migrating from TC Spark to Amadeus Pro. That doesn't mean, of course, that everything is perfect in these apps. But at least in Logic the shortcuts are almost fully customizable, however.)

  5. A general preference option for waveform display without anti-aliasing. The anti-aliased view is not accurate enough, since it "hides" the peaks at certain zoom levels. Compare my screenshots from the same audio track in Amadeus and in Spark. (As you can see, I've actually set up a custom AP color scheme to match the one of Spark... :)

  6. Whole Sound should also show a selection.

  7. Whole Sound should (optionally) display stereo tracks as two tracks (compare again the Spark screenshot)

There's more to come. I just need to write it all down while I'm working myself through my audio files. (Also there's a couple of small bugs I have to report...)
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