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PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:40 pm    Post subject: Bugs? Reply with quote

Hi Martin.

I'm currently running 1.3.3 of Amadeus Pro.

I regularly use LAME to export files using the 'expert' options to maintain consistency with my workflow that also uses LAME.

The options I use are: --preset fast standard

A scenario:

I have a standard stereo 16bit 44.1Khz file that I'd like to export using LAME with the above expert settings. In Amadeus I have checked 'additional command line arguments' and also 'overrides all other settings', as '--preset fast standard' are all the arguments needed for a standard command line version of LAME to produce a joint-stereo VBR file, 16bits at 44. kHz.

However Amadeus in fact produces a MONO file at 44.kHz with the settings above, unless you DISABLE the 'overrides all other settings' flag. By doing so, the other LAME options within Amadeus are now active and you can change such things as quality, bit rate etc - but these are ignored as the advanced settings take precedence so any alterations you make are meaningless anyway. The workaround is obviously to not use the 'overrides...' flag, but for other users this can be confusing.


Another annoyance was discovered last night when I imported a FLAC album and then imported the markers using the associated CUE file. As a result, the fields under 'show sound info' are now populated. The 'title' field shows the title of the whole FLAC file'. The markers themselves are now in place with the title of the marker denoting the title of the track of the CD. However when I export using 'split according to markers', the filenames of the exported MP3 files are generated according to the associated marker name from Amadeus, however the MP3 tag for 'title' is populated from the whole sound title from 'show sound info', whereas the title from the marker name is surely more appropriate? Additionally it would be useful to populate the exported MP3 files track number according to the marker numbers position sequentially.


With the above FLAC album and track marked file, I decided to burn to CD from within Amadeus, with the CD-TEXT & MCN options populated and enabled. However after the write was completed, I realised on the MCN number was written, no CD-TEXT was written to the CD? For reference I have a C2D Mac mini with COMBO drive. I'm not sure if this supports CD-TEXT writing at hardware level... ?

UPDATE: iTunes also doesn't write CD-TEXT, so I'd imagine this is a limitation of the COMBO drive.


Finally, which version of LAME is used within Amadeus, as I believe the most recent stable version, and therefore recommended by Hydrogen Audio wiki, is v3.98.2

Thanks for your time, Amadeus is definitely getting there!

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