old versions and crashing

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old versions and crashing

Post by CDJonah »

My wife wants to edit some simple sound things for an on-line course.
With her "talent" for hitting random keys, I tried to put her on an old
computer with a version 1.5.x on it. It crashes and burns apparently
because it can not connect to the update server. I can work around it by
disconnecting the ethernet cable but is there some way I can run it
without doing that. (she is developing on another computer and it would
be nice to be able to transfer the file back and forth). I have tried
starting with the shift key down but that doesn't help.

Charles Jonah

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old versions and crashing

Post by Martin Hairer »

Hi Charles, can’t you upgrade at least to OS X 10.8 which would then allow you to run version 2.x? Best,



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