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Version history

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Martin Hairer
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 8:22 pm    Post subject: Version history Reply with quote

Here is a list of the main changes in every major version of Amadeus Pro since 1.0. Minor versions have typically no (or only very minor) user-facing features so are not listed here from version 2.0 on.

Amadeus Pro v2.4
- Much faster display on computers supporting Metal on OS X 10.11 and up
- Touchbar support
- Ogg Opus file format support
- Auto Layout makes the interface look great in every language
- Requires OS X 10.8 or later

Amadeus Pro v2.3
- Supports metadata in WAVE files
- User interface tweaks
- Audio Units rack allows multiple instances of same effect
- Command-P shortcut for "preview" in effect windows
- Bug fixes

Amadeus Pro v2.2
- New application and files icons
- Design tweaks
- Handles full 5:1 sound for both recording and playback
- Runs faster on retina displays
- Bug fixes

Amadeus Pro v2.1
- Supports retina-resolution displays
- Supports notifications on OS X 10.8
- Supports many more metadata attributes
- Includes latest versions of Growl (2.0) and iMedia (2.5)
- Bug fixes
- Dropped support for Mac OS X 10.5 / PowerPC

Amadeus Pro v2.0
- Tracks can be split into multiple clips on the same timeline
- Smart editing
- Real-time audio effects
- Automatic start / end of recording triggered by volume changes
- Recording scheduler can manage multiple timed recordings
- Direct recording from internet streams (Mp3 / Ogg)
- Improved level-meters
- Mp3 and M4a / AAC files are not reencoded if only metadata is modified
- 64 bit version on MacOS 10.6 or later
- Full support for 32 bit sound files
- Supports Growl notifications
- Video tracks are preserved when editing QuickTime movies
- Integrated media browser (requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later)
- Supports reading / writing of WMA files
- Supports reading / writing of 3GP / 3GPP-2 files
- Supports reading / writing of AMR files
- Batch processor uses multiple cores
- Multiband denoising
- Real-time analysis tools work with open documents

Amadeus Pro v1.5.5
- Fixes a bug preventing some Audio Units from loading correctly
- Fixes a bug in reading id3v2.2 Mp3 tags

Amadeus Pro v1.5.4
- Fixes a bug preventing zooming on Mac OS 10.4
- Fixes a bug that could crash Audio Units in the batch processor
- Fixes a bug that could cause erratic behavior of the batch processor

Amadeus Pro v1.5.3
- Fixes a bug that could cause some Mp3 files not to be saved correctly
- Fixes a bug crashing the auto-update mechanism on G4 computers
- Minor bug fixes

Amadeus Pro v1.5.2
- Improved launch speed.
- Improved waveform display.
- Improved handling of Mp3 settings.
- Clicking time display toggles between elapsed and remaining time.
- Bug fixes in the handling of markers.

Amadeus Pro v1.5.1
- Fixes a bug that could cause the program to freeze at startup.
- Better handling of the disconnection / reconnection of sound devices.
- Small bug fixes.

Amadeus Pro v1.5
- Adds a "Suppress White Noise" batch processor action.
- Adds a "Trim silence" function to the "Edit" menu.
- Support for "Lyrics" metadata.
- Allows iTunes tracks to be dragged into the Application's icon and the batch processor.
- Allows larger spectrum sizes.
- Deals correctly with Audio Unit latency.
- Allows to undo the "Flatten Document" function.
- Fixes a bug with international characters in Mp3 and AIFF metadata.
- Fixes reading QuickTime Movie files.

Amadeus Pro v1.4.5
- Fixes a problem which could prevent the program from registering correctly
- Mp3 encoding works again on Mac OS X 10.4
- Faster and more stable Audio Unit processing

Amadeus Pro v1.4.4
- Adds "Go to Location" and "Extend Selection to Location" menu items
- Adds a "Crossfade" item in the "Fadings" submenu
- Clicking on a sonogram jumps to the corresponding location in sound
- Batch processor no longer requests user attention when run in background
- Fixes a few cosmetic bugs under Mac OS X 10.6

Amadeus Pro v1.4.3
- Fixes a bug that could create garbled sound recordings
- Fixes a bug that could cause Mp3 files to be truncated

Amadeus Pro v1.4.2
- Uses mpg123 version 1.8.1 for Mp3 decoding
- Uses lame 3.98.2 for Mp3 encoding
- option-home / end moves insertion to start / end of document
- The 'S' key silences the selection
- Fixes a bug which could change the volume envelope when using the "Save Selection As" function
- Fixes a bug in reading id3v2.2 tags
- Fixes a bug in memory management

Amadeus Pro v1.4.1
- Improved memory management
- Compatible with developer builds of Mac OS X 10.6
- Fixes a bug that could cause CDs to have missing tracks

Amadeus Pro v1.4
- New "Real-Time Sonogram" function
- New "Real-Time Waveform" function
- New "Duplicate Track" function
- Waveform statistics can be copied
- Holding down the option key while dragging tracks duplicates them
- Adds a "Flatten Document" function
- Adds control over RAM usage in preferences
- Key shortcuts option-'+' and option-'-' for vertical magnification
- Key shortcut 'n' for cycling selection between tracks
- Shift-space bar plays only current track
- Improves the "Trim Silence" action of the batch processor
- Fixes a bug in the "Insert Silence" action of the batch processor
- Fixes a bug that could cause Mp3 and SoundDesigner files to contain garbage
- Fixes a bug in the FLAC decoder

Amadeus Pro v1.3.3
- Improved display for spectrum analysis
- Adds an "Insert Silence" action to the batch processor
- Files are automatically resampled to 44.1kHz when burned to CD
- Fixes a bug that would open 24Bit CAF files as 16Bit
- Fixes a bug that would cause the program to choke on some Mp3 files

Amadeus Pro v1.3.2
- Supports "pinch" and "swipe" multitouch gestures
- Adds Shift-M shortcut for creating marker while recording
- Improved waveform display at intermediate zoom levels
- Fixes a bug that would open certain 24Bit AIFF files incorrectly
- Fixes a bug in the handling of large file hierarchies by the batch processor
- Presents an error message when trying to burn too much data onto a CD

Amadeus Pro v1.3.1
- Uses ffmpeg to open wma files faster and more reliably
- Adds RIAA filters to the batch processor
- Escape key removes key focus from text fields
- Fixes a bug in the handling of Mp3 comments and preferences
- Fixes a bug in the display of multitrack documents
- Works around a bug in Leopard that would prevent the opening of certain AIFF files

Amadeus Pro v1.3
- Improved quality of the "Change Pitch and Speed" function
- Supports factory presets for Audio Units
- Uses the latest version of mpg123 for reading Mp3 files
- Supports custom "Genre" tags
- Shows selection in the timescale (toggled with the 'h' shortcut)
- Adds a "Zoom to Document" menu item
- Adds 'g' shortcut for toggling display of sound grid
- Adds a "Reverse" and a "Trim Silence" function to the batch processor
- No longer crashes when trying to save too large AIFF or WAVE files

Amadeus Pro v1.2.1
- Tasks can be paused
- Improved handling of very large files
- Opens compressed WAVE files with QuickTime
- Up / down arrows switch selection between channels when no sound is playing

Amadeus Pro v1.2
- Allows to select the right and left channels independently
- Recording to new track plays the existing tracks back
- Warns the user if a file format leads to data loss / degradation
- The recording button can be used for any of the three recording functions
- Adds the 'e' keyboard shortcut to preview an edit
- Smaller executable / faster launchtimes
- The crossfade functions take the fading settings into account
- Fixes a display bug where the waveform might not be updated correctly
- Fixes a bug that would cause certain VST plug-ins to crash
- Fixes a memory leak in the batch processor

Amadeus Pro v1.1.1
- Fixes a problem with renaming markers
- Fixes several bugs that could lead to crashes of the program

Amadeus Pro v1.1
- Improved support for Audio Units and for VST plug-ins
- Support for Audio Units with Cocoa user interface
- Added an Audio Units rack
- Adds toolbar items to control the selection
- Adds new "Fade In", "Fade Out" and "Add Marker" toolbar items
- Supports multichannel AIFF files
- Allows to name markers created during recording
- Smoother "scrubbing" when click-dragging into the timescale while playing
- Compatible with MacOS 10.5 "Leopard"
- Extended user manual

Amadeus Pro v1.0.3
- Imports Midi, WMA and GSM files
- Introduces a "Merge Track" function that allows to merge two tracks into one
- Correctly handles Apple Lossless files with sampling rates higher than 64kHz
- Allows to import raw data at sampling rates up to 512kHz

Amadeus Pro v1.0.2
- Fixes a crash in the "Transition" functions of the Fadings menu
- Fixes the preview in the "Echo" function
- Minor cosmetic bug fixes
- Italian manual

Amadeus Pro v1.0.1
- Improved stability
- Spanish localization
- Cursor shows when the envelope can be edited
- Sensitivity setting for searching cracks

Amadeus Pro v1.0
- Multitrack editing, recording and playback
- Batch processing
- Completely redesigned user interface using Cocoa
- Allows to burn files directly to CDs
- Much better management of metadata (ID3 tags, artwork, etc)
- Easily accessible favourite actions

Plus dozens of minor improvements over Amadeus II...
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