Bose Bluetooth Headphones

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Bose Bluetooth Headphones

Post by rpiper »


I have been using Amadeus pro for a few years now, but am still learning the ins and outs of the software.

The issue i currently have though, is that I can not seem to hear any sound through my bluetooth headphones.

I set up the computer to use the headphones as an output.
I set up Amadeus to use the headphones as an output (although in the output box, Amadeus recognizes the headphones correctly, but the port section is blank).
I have restarted Amadeus.
I have restarted the laptop.

all to no avail. btw - everything else plays through the headphones.

am I missing something?

thanks so much.

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Post by ioannis »

This seems to be a problem of mac OSX Capitan and later and (audio) bluetooth in general.
I don't use Bose, but sometimes it corrects itself if I change the order of starting up the app I use, set the bluetooth on, turn on the speaker...

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Post by pwg »

If you have registered/paired the Bose headphones with bluetooth on the Mac then the appropriate output should appear for these headphones specifically (ie separate from any other 'headphones' output). Mine reads "Bose QC headphones". If I select this output in the Mac OS System panel, I find that Amadeus Pro sets itself automatically to that same channel. I have no problems with replay from Amadeus.

Turning Bluetooth off and on is (as Ioannis suggests) the only real 'troubleshooting' procedure for a failed bluetooth connection. My Bose QC headphones also have a special switch position to establish the 'pairing' routines. But they seem generally to work better than my other bluetooth gear.

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