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Installation instructions

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Installing Amadeus Pro works pretty much like for most other MacOS X programs:
  • After downloading the disk image, you should end up with a file called "AmadeusPro.dmg" in your Downloads folder, as well as an open window in the Finder showing the Amadeus Pro application. If the application doesn't show up, just double-click onto the "AmadeusPro.dmg" icon.
  • Drag the Amadeus Pro application into your "Applications" folder.
  • Eject the "AmadeusPro" disk image by clicking onto the little "eject" icon next to it in the "Devices" secion of any Finder window.
  • Throw the disk image "AmadeusPro.dmg" into the trash bin.
Voilà, that's it! You can now launch Amadeus Pro by navigating to your "Applications" folder and double-clicking on it.

The user's manual is not included in the download, but it will be installed automatically the first time you launch Amadeus Pro. This is so that you don't clutter your hard disk with various manuals in languages you don't need :wink:

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