Creating a Grid for Music Production?

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Creating a Grid for Music Production?

Post by Kevdino »

Hello all.

I'm really enjoying the Amadeus demo, however, I was wondering if it was possible to set up a marker grid (16 markers per bar, specifically) like in this video: The artist can be seen using Amadeus pro with a set of markers, result in a sort of "step grid" per track.

I've tried using the "generate markers" feature, however, I've noticed that whenever I attempt to move a audio clip to a marker the marker shifts and moves out of the original equal spacing that I had designated between the markers.

Ideally, I'd like to set up a rigid grid that does not move and find a way to snap audio clips directly to the markers I've set up.

I've tried searching the forum but I was unable to find a clear answer to my problem. Surely many others have attempted to use this great program for audio music production (specifically "rigid" arrangement)?

Thanks in advance.

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Creating a Grid for Music Production?

Post by Martin Hairer »

Hi, markers behave slightly differently depending on whether there is only one track in the project or multiple tracks. If there's only one track, then they stay in sync with the sound, so that they move around when you perform an edit, as you noticed. If however you have multiple tracks, then there's no natural way for them to track the edits, so they stay in sync with the timeline instead.

In that video, you can see that they have multiple tracks open, so that the second behaviour applies. In your case, one possibility would be to simply add a second track which only contains silence. You can then collapse it so that it doesn't use up screen space. Regards,



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