24 bit Files showing up as 32 bit

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24 bit Files showing up as 32 bit

Post by brineflaker »

In the current Amadeus Pro running on the current mac os 10.9.5, there is an error I have encountered. Whenever I play 24 bit/96 kHz (as well as higher resolution), it shows in the bottom left corner as 32 bit instead of 24.

Could you correct this in an update? thanks so much for a great program.

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Post by faheem »

I often get asked to compare Amadeus Pro to other sound editors for MacOS X. To be honest, I can hardly be expected to have a completely unbiased view on the question Wink so your best bet is to read independent reviews of Amadeus Pro (Google will find them easily). However, here is my personal take on the most popular audio editors for MacOS X besides Amadeus Pro

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