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Jim Edgar
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Default Startup Settings

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Hi -

I've been using Amadeus Pro for about a week now, and have been very
impressed with it's stability and ease of use.

After poking around the manuals and the forums, I've been unable to
find the answer to this question:

Is there a way to change the default startup settings?

Specifically, I'd like Amadeus to start a New Sound with the recording
track defaulting to a Mono Track? Right now I've set up some keyboard
equivalents so that I can "Add a New Mono Track" and "Delete the
Existing Track" (the stereo track, which I have to select first). I'm
using Amadeus primarily for voiceover recording, and most of the files
I submit are mono.

Secondly, I'd like to set up the metadata ("Info" button items) as a
default setting. Again, most of the tracks I submit have the same
info on them, except for the Title. I'd like the metadata to have the
information and artwork ready to go, and then just modify the one
item. This would help streamline my workflow a bit.


- Jim

Jim Edgar
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