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Feature request

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I often record audio files and break them up into several .m4a files for my iPod. The way I do this is to add markers at appropriate points, and rename the markers (Modify Markers) according to a scheme 'fn 001'. AP will then name the markers 'fn 001', 'fn 002', and so to the end.

The problem is if the 'fn' part has a numeral in it. So for example if 'fn' is 'a1a' then I Modify Markers as 'a1a 001'. The result is not 'a1a 001', 'a1a 002', and so on, but rather 'a1a 001', 'a2a 001', and so to the end. AP puts the numeral in 'a1a' in a sequence rather than the desired numerals starting at 001.

I have a few workarounds for this, mostly involving modifying the markers as simply '001', which gives me '001', '002', etc. I then split according to markers. Then, in terminal, I modify the filenames (mv) to what I want. It's slightly more complicated than that but:

It would be nice if I could specify, somehow, which part of the marker name should be incremented.

Lovely product, I use it every day.

Wayne Durham
Blacksburg, Virginia

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