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vinyl to digital
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Sonic Purity

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:35 am    Post subject: Re: Clicks, Pops, and noise Reply with quote

broz wrote:
Many people recommended ClickRepair. I got the demo, and tried it. I spent probably 8 hours with it, on and off. I studied what there was to study, read the manual 3 times, and went to work. Indeed, it does a MUCH better job than SoundSoap. The interface is dreadful, however. It's bad enough that I can't really be productive. The automatic settings clobber sound I want to keep, and the manual methods are far too time consuming. The audio selection bit at the top of the window doesn't work right, and nobody can convince me otherwise. Yes, I read the manual, and no, it doesn't work right. You can't select the click or pop to preview the change in any meaningful way. This just costs me time. I don't like it when something wastes my time. The best thing the software has going for it is the price.

Can't help with iZotope RX... out of my price range. Looks nice though... thanks for mentioning it.

Just wanted to mention what i am doing with ClickRepair (CR) that so far is working for me on nearly all the material i have worked with.

I too cannot make good use of the display and the manual repairs... i run it in Automatic mode. I'm always monitoring the Noise, as that is most sensitive to revealing any desired audio being whacked. I then adjust the De-Click slider for the highest setting with no or minimal whackage, cancel that run, then re-run CR on that file with that setting. On critical work, i listen to the whole process, to ensure that nothing later in the track gets whacked. Sometimes, i need to make another adjustment and re-do the conversion again, yet because it is on full automatic, it does not take long.

I normally run with Pitch Protection activated. The new Reverse option so far seems to me to be a nice improvement. I've found that the choice of Method that actually works and what CR's creator recommends do not necessarily match... on older CR versions with the two choices, i found Simple always whacked less desired audio. I've not used the newer 3.0.1 version with x2 and x3 long enough yet, esp. with Reverse processing, to know if things have changed.

It took me a day or so of practice and experimenting to really get a sense of how CR works and how to control it, yet having done that i can now work with CR with reasonable efficiency. If i had $350 to drop, i'd be checking out iZotope the next time a project came up. I'm not in that position, so CR will have to do, and i can afford the time more than the $.

Hoping others have suggestions for your iZotope plug-in issue with AP,
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:59 pm    Post subject: Vinyl Cover Art Reply with quote


With regards to your cover art comment, I scan my LP albums at 300 dpi and print semi gloss photos (1435 x 1430 dpi) to make my own CD inserts.

Also print the front cover to the CD disk (Epson RS 260 printer) for easier identification.

Use ClickRepair (pitch protection and wavelet) and DeNoise

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