New Update not loading2.8.4

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New Update not loading2.8.4

Post by JeffreyThompson »

I received notification about 2.8.4 has been downloaded and asked if I want to update now or when I close the program. Either way I choose I receive a message that reads:
“Amadeus” couldn’t be moved to the trash because you don’t have permission to access it.
When I click "OK" the app crashes and I then restart Amadeus and continue using version 2.8.3.
With all this said, I am running the Mac OS version 10.15.6 and using Voice over accessibility. I receive the same results without VO Access on or off.

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Re: New Update not loading2.8.4

Post by Martin Hairer »

This does unfortunately seem to be happening on some systems. The easiest workaround is to remove the old version and download version 2.8.4 "by hand" from

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