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Pitch glitch

Post by pm@philxmilstein.com »

I work with electronic and noise music, and use Amadeus for a wide variety
of processing and editing functions. I love the versatility of the Change
Speed/Pitch command, however I'm having problems with its execution.

The main problem is that Change Speed/Pitch leaves a glitch, always near the
beginning of a resulting selection and of a prominence in direct proportion
to the amount of alteration. (In other words, a change speed/pitch command
of 98% will produce a far less noticeable glitch than one of 50%.)

Altering the speed/pitch via the Playback Controller causes no such problem,
and so I've been using a workaround in which I use that function while
recording the result to create a new file. Not only is this workaround
unwieldy, but it also leaves me unable to separate (unlock) the speed/pitch

Is this glitching inherent to altering speed/pitch in a digital environment,
or is it specifically a problem with doing so in Amadeus? If the latter --
and this question specifically to Martin -- is that readily fixable?

Thanks for input on this,

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Post by jeffgoobs »

Anecdotally, I actually stopped using the Speed/Pitch function of Amadeus Pro in favor of using WaveLab for this specific reason.

For whatever it's worth, I love Amadeus, and have been using it for waveform editing for years, but the symptoms you describe are consistent with experiences I've had as well. In addition to the aforementioned glitches, I also get side-effects of amplitude changes after using the feature. I tend to keep the speed and pitch locked so I can repair pitch drift from old analog cassettes, but having the amplitude lowered after using the effect wasn't acceptable for what I'm doing.
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