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Playback lagging

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Hey pals,

Some context: we're a community radio station using Amadeus Pro for our blind volunteers to produce their own podcast. I'm used to using Logic Pro for audio editing, and am pretty new to Amadeus.

The problem: when hitting the spacebar to hear the audio, regardless of in selected area or not, Amadeus sometimes lags or starts to play and will (of its own accord) loop in the area before continuing on. I've only seen this in silence areas so that might be a factor as well. Because the volunteers are blind they have no way of telling whether the playback is lagging or if they've hit the wrong hotkeys, or what. So this is a bit of a problem.

I've checked the computer's CPU and it's fine, so I'm wondering if there's something with Amadeus' own processing power, or what. It should be fine, it's a single track with recorded audio, VoiceOver accessibility feature is turned on, but I've replicated these effects with and without VoiceOver turned on.

To describe what it looks like in more detail, you'll hit the spacebar to play, and the playhead will start right away like normal, and sometimes will take a while to start showing up on the tracks and playing audio. In the middle of the audio, the playhead will look like it's wiggling in place, or will start to play, then loop back to first position, wiggle within a few ms, before continuing on.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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