Enhancement Requests: Scheduler, Normalizing

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Enhancement Requests: Scheduler, Normalizing

Post by chipbeaulieu »

Long time user of Amadeus Pro.

A couple enhancement requests:

1. I use scheduler all the time. I usually cue up a dozen or more cassette titles I am working on because I can set the destination folder, the input device, and the length of time to record. I have to set the start date in the past so it never records until I am ready. When I am ready to record a specific cassette, I then set the time to record to 1 minute in the future, and wait patiently. I would like to request a right-menu option in the scheduler for a specific item to Start Recording Now.

2. I also use Normalize a lot. I record audio cassette message where it's clear a compressor wasn't used so there is a lot of variability in the volumes from low to high. I've tried the Max Sample value and Max RMS value and as the manual states, the Max RMS value is closer to what I want, but it has the potential for clipping. Is it possible to update the RMS value option to never clip (or add option to not allow clipping)?

Thanks again for a great application. I tell everyone who asks what I use.

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