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Markers and Joined Files

Post by huckncatch »

Hi all,

I'm experiencing odd marker behavior when joining files. When I join
files with markers (AIFF format), the markers do not maintain their
proper positions in the resulting joined file. AP Version 2.3.1 (1729).

For example, with file 1 of length 66'34''743 and markers at 0 and
66'34''743, file 2 of length 51'11''356 with markers at 0 and
51'11''356, joining those two files results in a file with the last
marker from file 1, meant for "66'34''743" showing up at "72'28''020"

If I try to join more than two files, the errors seem to compound. For a
start, joining four files together gives me a resulting file where the
first marker at time 0 in the first file ends up at time 01'16''732 in
the joined file.

Thanks, Jim

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