important information about how to install the license for A

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Ray Foret jr

important information about how to install the license for A

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What follows is the set of instructions you need to do if you buy the license for any of O.A.M’s plugins. The actual process of paying for the license is through Paypal and therefore, presents no accessibility issues.

Upon receiving your payment, A.O.M will send you an e-mail with an attached .zip folder. Save this folder to a location you can quickly access later.

In this e-mail, A.O.M will instruct you to download and install a special license app the purpose of which is to operate as a license manager for A.O.M plugins. If you consult the users manual for the A.O.M plugins and read what it says about the license manager app, you will note that it is implied that all the license manager really does is to place the file inside the .zip folder in to a certain folder inside the library structure of your Mac.

My advice is to first unzip the attached folder and place that small license file in to an area where you can get to it. Maybe while you’re at it, back it up on an SD card too.

Now, as for the special license manager app, forget it. It’s worse than useless because, when you install and try to run it, all you get is “unknown� and this appears to the right of the app name and version number. Forget clicking with the mouse in any way on this unknown because nothing will result. IF, however, you click the mouse on the app version number and name just to the left of the “unknown� you will cause the error log to pop open. That is how I found the problem. What the license app is really looking for is the presence of a folder called “Licenses� which is nested inside another folder called A.O.M which in turn is inside Applications Support�

So, here’s exactly how you get around the license manager app issue for now.

1. Unzip the attached file sent you by A.O.M.

2. Leave the small license file where you know you can quickly find it again.

3. Now, open your home folder.

4. Now, open your Library folder.

5. Now, open the Applications Support Folder.

6. Now, look for a folder called “A.O.M�. if none exists, create it using Command+shift+n.

7. When you atttempt to do this, Appple will warn you that it doesn’t like the last .m part of the folder name and that if you choose to make the extension as a .m it may appear as a file. Press the okay button anyhow.

8. Now, you will need to rename the folder because the only thing in the folder name will be “A.O�. the final .M MUST be there because that is what A.O.M licensing process is looking for.

9. Now, inside of this new A.O.M folder, create another folder called “Licenses�. So, the entire path should now look like this:

Home (where home equals your home folder)/Library/Applications Support/A.O.M/Licenses

To use garth as an example, let’s say his home folder is just named Garth, so the exact path would be:

Garth/Library/Applications Support/A.O.M/Licenses

10. Now, at last, place the license file inside the Licenses folder.

That should do it.

Also note, I have asked A.O.M to look at their license app and make it accessible: however, they still have yet to return my e-mails at all.

Meantime, I hope these special instructions will prove useful.

Sent from my Mac, The only computer with full accessibility for the blind built-in

Sincerely, The Constantly Barefooted Ray
Still a very happy Mac, Verizon Wireless iPhone6+ and Apple TV user!!!!!

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