Smoothing Out Choppy Audio Wave Forms After Speed Change

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Smoothing Out Choppy Audio Wave Forms After Speed Change

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Greetings Fellow AP Users,

First of all ... I can't tell you how much I love Amadeus Pro and how intuitive it is - it's an INCREDIBLE piece of software!!

Anyways ... I do work in the Fife & Drum world (where I play a Rope Tensioned Snare Drum) and where I used Amadeus Pro to record & edit Fife & Drum tracks, along with Bugle & Bagpipe tracks for a very well-known Video Game.

We just recently recorded some Fife tracks and the fifer had to record a few of his tracks slower than the 110 bpm my Drum Tracks were recorded at. During the process of increasing the speed from the slower speed up to 110 bpm, a number of the fife notes are not smooth and sound choppy and when you zoom in on the wave form, you can see where the note's wave form drops way down several times within each note and you can hear it when played back.

I know there's a term for when this happens, but is there any easy method for smoothing out choppy notes after a speed change? This will also happen when changing a track's speed from fast to slow, as well.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can render!
God Bless.

~ Mark
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