Tips for aligning pitch and speed of two tracks

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Tips for aligning pitch and speed of two tracks

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I have recordings of dispirit performances of short musical quotes. I'm trying to combine them in Amadeus Pro so that as stacked tracks they align and play as rhythmically in sync and at the same pitch. I have used the pitch and speed feature in the past but have some questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to in the manual or by searching the web.

1) Is there a way to move a non-zero position clip other than by using the mouse? I'm looking for some thing like "modifier key + arrow key" to nudge clip x milliseconds left or right on the timeline.

2) Is there a way to lock the position of the beginning or ending of a track in relation to the timeline , so that when speed is changed I know the beginning of the clip has not moved? Does a shortened clip that sits in the middle of a track shrink from both ends or from the left or right in relation to the timeline?

Thank you for any insights or suggestions.

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