eek HELP ME - demo user don't want to lose my work

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eek HELP ME - demo user don't want to lose my work

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Howdy, I'm a rank newbie.
I'm in Amadeus Lite demo. I have 2 files, each about 6 hours long. I have tried saving them, but each time it says the files are too large and to try splitting them or trying a different format. I've done this 3 times now, still no files saved, and it has used up 3 of my 7 trial saves. (did you know that an unsuccessful save still counts as one of your 7 saves?)


I want to purchase the program, but don't want to lose the recordings I've already made but can't save.

Normally I assume I could purchase the Amadeus Lite program and enter the key, but I have the feeling I should be buying Amadeus Pro. I doubt I'll need the multithreading, but I would like to have the recording timers.

How should I proceed so as not to lose the recordings???
If I just purchase AP, can I input the license code into Amadeus Lite demo and unlock everything?
Alternately, is there a format that is lossless that I can save these files as, so I can work on them further once I have the full program?

Eagerly awaiting replies…
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