Split Tracks problem with iTunes

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Split Tracks problem with iTunes

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After splitting compilation files according to markers, when I enter them in iTunes, many (not all) of the marker points sound as clicks. Some (not all) have a moment of silence between. This is particularly annoying with tracks in the compilation that are joined or crossfaded and play continuously, but have a title/track change marker at the intersection of the pieces.
I understand iTunes no longer has a manual "gapless play" option, but I read that gapless play is supposed to be automatic now.
Am I missing something relating to my marker positioning? I'm talking of edited music compilations etc, where I place my own markers according to my choices when auditioning my edits etc. There is no sign of any problem when playing the original files with markers in Amadeus before they are split and the resulting file containing the split tracks is entered in iTunes. I've tried "Align to 75.00 Hz" which appears to move my individual markers a very tiny amount, but the result with iTunes is the same as before. No difference. Anything else I can do?

Added note: The split files being transferred to iTunes are in AIFF format.

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