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efficient deletions

Post by ogyen »

I have the new task of working with hundreds of archived recordings of teachings,on tape and cd.
In order to make them acceptable to the public -- as they are being made freely available on the website-- most of the work involves deletions of inappropriate material.

I've discovered that clicking on Amadeus Pro brings up 'preferences' and then the playback time around a selection for deletion can be extended to a maximum of 2secs... which is almost perfect....could it be a bit longer?

Can i use smart editing for deletions... or is it wise to ignore both this function and 'extend to crossing' but just use 'e' and my ear?

To remove unwanted speech... is click and drag to make a rough selection, then shift cmd m to select, then playing the selection, then click and drag the boundaries to alter the selection,then checking with 'e' the most efficient way to go?

Is there a shortcut to play just the selection?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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