new here with this program

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new here with this program

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New here, and to this program for editing audio. I have used other programs in cluding Soundforge, wave pad, sound studio, but so far, I am impressed with the easy user interface with this product. It has enough functions with out becoming over whelmed.

I am an avid concert "taper" and record dozens of shows a year. I need this type of program for editing, and tracking my shows into individule tracks and saving them.

when I record a show, I get on large wav file, typically around 1.5 gigs in size that I need to split into separate tracks, one for each song, and save them to a folder on my desktop for archiving, trading etc before I burn them to disk for playback.

Can someone here help me do this? I am familiar with placing markers where they belong in between each song, but then what do I do to save them to a folder on my desk top??

Any help here would be fantastic, and sorry if this question has been beat to death here already! Thanks in advance!

karl :D

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