Want to upgrade to Amadeus Pro, but can\'t

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Want to upgrade to Amadeus Pro, but can\'t

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I see that formatting I applied to my previous message didn't go through, making the message hard to read. Here is a cleaned-up version.

I have a registered copy of Amadeus II and a trial version of Amadeus Pro, which I would like to register. However, I am thwarted in every way I try to do that:

When I open Amadeus Pro, I am offered two ways to register:

• Purchase Online.... When I click that button I am taken to the Kagi home page. Amadeus Pro doesn't appear there, so I enter "Amadeus" in the Search box. That takes me to a link labeled "HairerSoft - Audio Editing and Recording for Mac OS X", but when I click it, I'm taken back to the Kagi home page. So that's a dead end.

• Buy Now... When I click that button I'm taken to a "Purchase from Kagi" pane. I enter my credit card information and ZIP code, click Purchase, and receive a notification that "Your registration was not processed. There may have been some trouble with processing your credit card." However, I have used the same credit card information for several online purchases in the last week or so (the same period during which I have been trying to register Amadeus Pro) with no problem. Another dead end.

My final attempt was at the Hairersoft website, but there I see only the $60 price for a new copy of Amadeus Pro, not the upgrade price of $25.

Martin -- or anyone -- can you help?

-Norm Loomer
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