Auto-tune / melodyne and inability to ""Transfer&q

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Auto-tune / melodyne and inability to ""Transfer&q

Post by rplotkin »

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong here: I downloaded the fully functional trials of both Auto-Tune and Melodyne. Both software packages are VST and AU, and the Melodyne even supports 64-bit mode (for Auto-Tune, I need to launch Amadeus in 32-bit mode). Both plugins seem to launch, but I cannot get one critical feature to work:

Both plugins have a "Transfer" button... basically, you click the button in the plug-in interface to start "recording" to the plug-in. Then, you are supposed to be able to go back to your editor window and press "Play," and the audio will move over to the plug-in's interface. It's an incredibly odd way to get the data in, but that's what both of these pro packages require, so there's probably some decent reason for it.

Currently, this critical-for-these-plugins feature does not work. How, if at all, can I correct this?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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