Issue using external sound card

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Issue using external sound card

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even though I haven't got answers to my questions yet I'll give it another try:

I installed Amadeus Pro 2.0.5 on my MacBook Air Dec. 2010, Mac OS X 10.7.2. I connected my Microphone on a mixer and the mixer is connected to an external USB sound card. I'm not sure about the brand because I can't see it but it might be a Soundblaster, ruffly 5 years old.

Normally when I want to record something I plug the sound card into my MacBook. Then I choose this card in the settings of Amadeus Pro. It happens from time to time that the recording doesn't work properly. Issues were for example that the recorded voice was pitched down and very slow.

The preset is 44.100 16 bit stereo. I'm not sure wether this rate is a problem. What seems to help is to record at first a few seconds with the internal mic before plugging in the external sound card. When I then record into the same track it worked, at least the last few times.

Does anyone experienced this issue as well and what do you do to prevent it?

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