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Introduction and question

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Hi Listmembers,

my name is Jürgen and I already work for several years with the Mac. I'm an experienced Mac user even though I'm blind. But as some of you might know Apple built in a great screen reading program for blind users of the Mac called VoiceOver. Important to know: blind users don't work with the mouse but with keyboard short cuts. That's also the way I work with Amadeus Pro. Thank to Martin Hairer who built in a lot of short cuts in Amadeus. And what I try is to become also an experienced user of Amadeus Pro.

So therefore the following question:

Sometimes it's not too obvious to me what the manual discribes. That's because of pictures and symboles written in the manual or because of commands done with a mouse click.

Something what I didn't understand are clipps.
- What exactly is a clipp?
- How to create them?
- And how to work with them?

Would be great to receive answers so that there's more light in my Amadeus work.

Thanks and all the best
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