Question on AP 2

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Question on AP 2

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So far I haven't bought AP 2 as only one of my computers will run it.
One feature that would probably tip me over the edge is to have the
"remove DC offset" function available in the batch processor. Does AP 2
include that function in the batch processor?

Why? We scan music and digitize it to midis to make practice music for
chorus singers. I export the individual tracks from my midi program to
AIF files where I use different instruments for different parts. Some of
these instruments have a DC offset. So my workflow is to pull them in to
separate tracks of AP, remove DC offset, normalize and then mix them in
different ways to emphasize the different parts. If the batch processor
would handle the DC offset, I could dump all the original aiff files
into a folder, run the batch processor to remove offset and normalize
and then bring the tracks into AP and do the mixing without having to
clean up each voice/track individually. When one is dealing with 8 or 10
pieces of music and often 5 tracks for some (S,A,T,B and accompaniment),
the time saving is considerable.

Chuck Jonah
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