Automatically detecting skips in digitized LPs

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Automatically detecting skips in digitized LPs

Post by craig »

I am wondering if anyone has a good trick (or knows of a good tool) to
automatically locate "skips" (e.g. from a digitized LP) in an audio
file. So far the only somewhat reliable way I have is to listen to
the file several times. This is way too time consuming and I still
miss some skips. Amadeus and ClickRepair especially are good for
finding and repairing clicks and pops (and sometimes the spike at the
beginning or end of a skip), but generally miss big skips (obviously
because the characteristics of skips are very different from
clicks). Ideally it would be nice to do a scan and have a marker
placed at each skip - kind of like Generate Markers, except instead of
silence, it would perhaps detect a non-zero amplitude region with low
total variation.
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