deleting audio with the keyboard

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Gerard Bik
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deleting audio with the keyboard

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Hi Paul

Here is the way I would do this.
When you are done creating the second marker and the play head is
past it, stop playback and hit option + left arrow. This will put the
play head at the nearest marker to the left (which is your marker
#2). Then hit command + left arrow. This selects everything from the
play head to the nearest marker on the left side (your marker #1. Now
hit delete and the selection is gone, leaving only marker #2.

Navigating with option + arrows is very easy when you can see what
you are doing. I don't know if it is possible to hear where you are.

Strictly speaking there is no need to insert the second marker.
Short version: put in start marker, play till the end of the part to
delete, stop playback, hit command + left arrow and delete.

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